Thames Valley Morris Men

Dancing in Surrey since 1952.


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Thames Valley Music

Here is a selection of TVMM tunes. They are mostly from the set of cassette tape recordings Cyril Smith made on practice nights in the 70's and 80's, complete with calls and other dance noises in the background. The music is mostly played by John Glaister, but there are others - Ron Horsley for one.

There are also later recordings by other musicians. These are identified by the musician's name in the file name.


    sherborne - constant billy (jan lucas).mp3

    sherborne - constant billy.mp3

    sherborne - cookoos nest (jan lucas).mp3

    sherborne - go & enlist.mp3

    sherborne - how d-ye do sir.mp3

    sherborne - jockey to the fair.mp3

    sherborne - lads a bunchem.mp3

    sherborne - lads-a-bunchun (jan lucas).mp3

    sherborne - monks march.mp3

    sherborne - old woman tossed up (jan lucas).mp3

    sherborne - orange in bloom.mp3

Last updated on 4th of July 2020